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Kitchen Board Accessories

The right accessories make for a simpler installation job. Here you will find everything you need for accessories – remember to choose skirting that match the joint color in the Kitchen Board you have chosen. With everything in place, your kitchen upgrade will be done in record time.

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Aluminium Skirting

Kitchen Board End-profile

Product Number 149035
Color Aluminium

Kitchen Board End-profile Black

Product Number 149036
Color Black

Kitchen Board End-profile White

Product Number 149037
Color White

Kitchen Board Inner corner Aluminium

Product Number 149017
Color Aluminium

Kitchen Board Inner corner Black

Product Number 149018
Color Black

Kitchen Board Inner corner White

Product Number 149019
Color White

Wetwall Seal Grey

Product Number 129001
Type of Room Wet Area

Wetwall Seal Grey/Black

Product Number 129002
Type of Room Wet Area

Wetwall Seal White

Product Number 129000
Type of Room Wet Area

Wetwall Sealing Tool

Product Number 129004
Type of Room Wet Area

Panel screw for wall panels 200 PCS 3,3X28MM

Product Number 153256

Screw for Alu-profile 200 PC 3X25MM

Product Number 153252

Screw for woodpanel 250 PCS 4x35mm

Product Number 153253

Vacuum Lifter Wetwall

Product Number 129003
Dimensions 81 x 118 x 325 mm

Wetwall Cleaner

Product Number 129005

Wetwall Wipes

Product Number 129006