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Beautiful and solid panel walls

NOW we louch Smartfiner – the latest new product from Smartpanel. This is all wood – with a core of highquality Huntonit Pro Wall and wood veneer on both front- and back side. Easy installation with hidden fastening gives a smooth wall with a beautiful natural structure.

The other Smartpanel series consists of pre-painted panel boards in a wealth of exquisite colors, and they are available with or without profiles. The Smartpanel Wall is mounted easily and quickly with a unique click system which has been specially developed to produce tighter joins and hidden fastening. Using this system, you can do a professional job in record time.

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Because the panel is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF), it moves very little, and no cracks or holes need to be spackled. The panels are only 11mm thick, require no finishing and can be painted over if you eventually want to change colors.

You can also find accessories such as white moldings, casings, acrylic sealant, and touch-up painting featuring Smartpanel’s colors. Keep in mind that the correct color rendition can’t be done until you see the color samples at your local building materials dealer.

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